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SB 40 and Mask Update

Posted Date: 04/02/2021

SB 40 and Mask Update


April 2, 2021

Executive Order 20-59 was allowed to expire on Wednesday, 3/31/21 which was signed by the Governor last summer to mandate masks be worn in school attendance centers.  The USD 257-Iola School Reopening Plan established by our BOE followed this executive order, as did the Allen Co. Commissioners & recommended by our County Health Officer.

On Thursday, 3/25/21 the Legislature passed & Gov. Kelly signed into law Senate Bill 40.  This new law requires school districts to employ "least restrictive means possible" to achieve a safe educational environment during the pandemic. *Beginning on Thursday, April 1st our district will follow our school reopening plan as established, but without the executive order statement.  Essentially, mask wearing will be recommended throughout the District at all times. 

In conversations with County Health officers, the benefits of wearing masks continues to be a major component in mitigation strategies against contracting Covid-19, along with social distancing (6' spacing), avoiding crowds, and good personal hygiene habits.  

At this time, I am happy to share that no one in the District (students or staff) are active cases for Covid-19 or in quarantine.  This has not occurred since last August, so it is safe to say our mitigation protocols and procedures are proving successful.  In addition, 60% of our staff have received the vaccine, with it now being available to anyone 18 years of age & over.  

We will continue to follow our School Reopening Plan for the remainder of the school year, which employs all of our cleaning protocols, social distancing, and good personal hygiene requirements in the District.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to the building administration.

Mr. Stacey Fager
Superintendent of Schools